Mercer On Mission

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. What happens if my student withdraws from program after deposit is made? The $500 deposit and $75 study abroad fee are non-refundable.  If expenses have been made, the $500 non-refundable deposit will go towards any non-recoverable expenses made on the student's behalf.  Any additional amount over $500, will be charged to the student's account.
  3. Will my financial aid cover the tuition cost? All financial aid packages are structured differently. Call the Student Financial Planning office at (478) 301-2670 to discuss their particular financial aid package to determine if it is applicable to Mercer On Mission.

  4. Where will my student stay while on campus for classes? Residence Life will be setting rooms aside for Mercer On Mission students.  Students will need to contact Residence Life to reserve a space.  The cost is $20 per night per person.  (The student will not be able to store their belongings in the room while they are abroad.)  Students are also responsible for their food while on campus.  To contact Resident Life: or 478.301.2687 **** The rates stated above are approximate and may be different from actual charge.

  5. How long is each Mercer On Mission program? Each program is designed to be a five week experience. Three weeks are spent abroad. Two of those weeks are spent on campus doing coursework and making preparations. 

  6. What are the dates for my Mercer On Mission program? Individual MOM programs run on varying schedules. Most Mercer On Mission programs take place during the first session of summer school, which means that they can begin no sooner than the Monday after graduation and conclude no later than June 30. Some MOM programs might take place during the second session of summer school, which means late June through early August.

  7. Do all trips depart from and return to the Atlanta airport? Yes. Your student is responsible for their transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. 
  8. Can my student change their travel itinerary? No student is permitted to divert from the group travel itinerary. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, we are able to keep airfare low by buying tickets at a group rate. This requires all members of the group to travel together for the entire itinerary.

  9. What vaccinations does my student need to travel? This depends on several variables, including the destination and their own particular medical profile. It is best to contact their private physician or the county health department to find out what vaccinations they need.  The CDC also has information about vaccinations by region

  10. How do I get in touch with my student if there is an emergency at home?

  11. How can I find out more information and current travel warnings?