Academic Courses

  • CSL 210.1W1-BANG International Service Learning - Bangladesh


  • EGR 291.1W1-BANG Special Topics - Introduction to Systems Engineering


  • ISE 491.1W1-BANG Special Topics - Advance Systems Engineering


  • EGR 292.1W1 - BANG Special Topics: IntroductionTo Hydraulic Machinery Applications


  • MAE 492.1W1 - BANG Special Topics: Advance Hydraulic Machinery Applications


  • Dr. Pablo Biswas, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management
  • Dr. Chandan Roy, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Program Highlights

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is the eighth-most populous country in the world, with a population exceeding 163 million people in an area of 57,320 square miles making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Due to overpopulation, a large number of people live in slums in Bangladesh leading an underprivileged lifestyle.

In 2014, two Bangladeshi Architects (Khondokar Hasibul Kabir and Suhailey Farzana) initiated a "City-Wide Housing" project in Jhenidah in cooperation with “Co-Creation Architect” and “Platform of Community Action and Architecture (POCAA)”. At the initial stage, this project built 20 buildings, which costs BTD 100,000 (Approximately $1,200) each, containing visually unique buildings, frameless doors and windows, exposed brick walls, roofs with filler slabs, and one bathroom. Also, this project was supported by Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), ALIVE-local NGO, and Jhenaidah City Corporations.

This MOM in Bangladesh trip/projects are inspired by the achievements of Co-Creates Architects described above. Based on the suggestions from Architect Hasibul Kabir, the MOM in Bangladesh pursues to address the following three problems that will help the under-privilege communities in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh in association with Co-Creation Architect and JEXCA.

Student Activities Include:

  • Design and Build Handmade Bio Sand Water Filter Though there has been a great improvement in peoples’ lifestyles, there are and have been problems with drinking water sources and the availability of drinking water. The main sources of water in the slum communities in Jhenaidah are local river (Nabaganga), ponds, lakes, and groundwater. Therefore, the first problem this Mercer On Mission focuses on building Bio-Sand Water Filters, which will be a great source of purified drinking water. These filters are easy and cheap to build.Bangladesh
  • Survey and Build Relationship with the Community Carrying out preliminary accessibility surveys and build a relationship with the community in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh to explore their requirements for better living.

Bangladesh 2

Conduct Research for Making Biogas using Water Hyacinth – Nabaganga river, ponds, lakes, etc. contain Water Hyacinth, which is a great source of biogas. Students will be involved in collecting necessary data for this future project in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh 3

  • Gather Knowledge to Build Low Cost Brick Homes for Homeless – The Co-Create Architect encouraged and educated the people on how to build low-cost brick homes, which are expandable. Mercer students will acquire that knowledge to help build low-cost home for homeless people in Bibb County, Georgia.

Bangladesh 4

These Service-research activities for the proposed projects will have huge impacts on the underprivileged communities such as handmade bio-filter will eventually solve drinking water problem. Also, low-cost Biogas production research will attenuate energy deficiency problem to some extent in Bangladesh.

Tentative Travel Dates: Summer 2023

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.