South Korea

S. Korea 2022

Academic Courses

  • EGR 491.3TM-SKR  Special Topics – Intro Programming for Robotics with LEGO EV3


  • ETM 591.3TM-SKR Special Topics – Advanced 3D Design, Scanning, Modeling and Printing


  • ETM 591.3TM-SKOR Special Topics - Design and Construction of LEGO EV3 Competition Idea and Settings


  • EGR 292 Special Topics  -  Intro to App Development for International Service Learning


  • EGR 492 Special Topics  -  Mobile App Development for International Service Learning


  • ECE 592  Special Topics  - Advanced Mobile App Development for International Service Learning


  • CSL 210.3TM-SKOR   Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages


  • CSL 210.3TM-SKO2   Evaluation of Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages

*** Each student will choose one Engineering course offered by Professors Ekong or Hyun and one CSL course offered by Professor Kang.


  • Professor Sinjae Hyun, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor Donald Ekong, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering
  • Professor Lisa Kang, Adjunct Faculty, Stetson-Hatcher School of Business
  • Professor Michael Marcoux, Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering

Program Highlights

  • This project is focused on teaching 1st through 12th grade students at Drim School, located 60 miles south of Seoul, South Korea. Drim School is the first alternative school founded for North Korean refugees and their children. It was established in 2003 and offers elementary to high school curriculum. More than 200 students have been enrolled since 2003 with more than 100 high school graduates and more than 50 graduates who then went on to college or university. Drim School has about 50 students and about 15 teachers and staff members.
  • As "outsiders" in the wider Korean culture, they have difficulty integrating into that culture and leading productive, enriching lives.  They have hugely different needs that cry out for customization - from their skewed educational backgrounds to the various traumas that they have experienced and the many years they had no education at all as they sought refuge.  In order to integrate more fully into the South Korean culture they need education in English, in technology, and in modern culture. This MOM in Korea trip/project seeks to address these three problems that the students face.
  • In South Korea today, the ability to speak English, even at a rudimentary level, is crucial to an individual's economic viability. Speaking skills in English can be used in a variety of service industries, such as the tourist industry, which is a growing sector in the Korean economy. The competency of speaking in English will also provide more opportunities for them to achieve higher scores for their college entrance exam. The ability of speaking in English fluently is the most powerful factor in success in Korea. Contemporary South Korean culture is also highly technological, and education in coding, three-dimensional design, scanning, modeling, and printing (3D DSMP), and computer skills would definitely be a great benefit for them and may open opportunities for them to have STEM-oriented careers.  Our activities including living with them for three weeks to teach English, 3D DSMP, and Mobile App design and development will address these needs directly.  As an added bonus, since they been brainwashed from their younger ages, their view of western world, especially the U.S. may not be accurate.  Interacting with a group of westerners will open doors of cultural experience that they need to prosper in a culture that has adopted many western ways.
  • Interested students will have a chance to participate in worship services on Sunday either at the Drim School or at local churches in Korea.
  • We will have several days of historic sightseeing for cultural excursion after concluding our program or during weekends.  It will include historic sites of the Silla Dynasty (100-900 AD), the Chosun Dynasty (1400 - 1900AD), UNESCO World Heritage sites (, Korean War memorials (1950 AD), the DMZ, and the present- and future- oriented city of Seoul ( method=main.). Also we will participate the discovery of Korean War Remains program with Korean Army.

Tentative Program schedule:

  • On-campus training: May 8 - 12, 2023
  • Travel: May 17 - June 9, 2023 (tentative)

Dr. Sinjae Hyun (; 478-301-2214; SEB 106)

Dr. Donald Ekong (; 478-301-2271; EGC 223C)

Ms. Lisa Kang (; 678-547-6289; BE 241-Atlanta Campus)

Mr. Michael Marcoux (; 478-301-2114; SEB 227)

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