General Information

Program costs for students:

  • Six hours of Mercer On Mission summer tuition (currently $515 per hour)
  • Study Abroad Fee of $75
  • $500 non-refundable deposit (applied toward tuition)
  • 2 weeks of housing while on campus, if needed ($25 per night)
  • Food while on campus
  • Expense of US passport
  • Visa fee (if applicable)
  • Expense for all necessary vaccinations (two covid vaccinations are required)
  • Preference is given to returning undergraduate students

MOM deposit and study abroad fee instructions:

After you are selected for a program follow these steps to make your deposit and study abroad fee payment:
  • Go to MyMercer and sign in.
  • Select 'Make payment'
  • Select 'Current charges' (a screen will populate with the semesters on the left hand side and boxes to fill in the amount on the right)
  • Pay $575 for Summer (year of travel); (You will not see a charge for the deposit and study abroad fee)
  • Choose payment method, enter information requested and submit

An official at the bursar’s office will code the deposit and study abroad fee. If you want to ensure the Bursar’s office codes it correctly, you may call them at 478-301-1111.

***Please note: If you have a past due balance on your account, the deposit will apply to that balance first. The MOM office cannot consider a deposit paid until it is coded to MOM. So before you make the deposit payment, make sure you have contacted the Bursar to ensure the balance on your account is taken care of.

Contact Information

Contact University Minister and Dean of the Chapel Craig McMahan at (478) 301-2992 or via e-mail at