Dominican Republic

DRAcademic Courses

  • ECV 491/591 - Special Topics – Water, Infrastructure, and Appropriate Technologies in Developing Communities


  • ISE 491 / ETM 591 - Special Topics – Accessibility in Developing Communities


  • CSL 210 - International Service Learning - Dominican Republic


  • Dr. Laura Moody, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering & Industrial Management
  • Dr. Natalia Cardelino, Assistant Professor of Environmental & Civil Engineering


Program Highlights

The Dominican Republic M.O.M. program focuses on finding appropriate, sustainable environmental health (related to water, indoor air, sanitation, and hygiene [WASH]) and accessibility solutions in under-served communities in the Dominican Republic. It emphasizes community development, capacity building, and the use of appropriate technologies.

Likely student activities include:

  • Working with a rural community group to build/improve a community water supply system, and/or working with local stakeholders on the development of appropriate maintenance and repair plans for their local water system(s),
  • Conducting low-cost water assessments and collecting hydrogeological data to better inform water resource management and thereby improve the environmental sustainability of water supply systems,
  • Working with community members to build and install one or more ramps to improve accessibility to public buildings and,
  • Interviewing people with disabilities and their caregivers to better understand their needs and carrying out preliminary accessibility surveys in the community.

Living conditions in the Dominican Republic will be basic during the majority of our journey. We will have the chance to visit the capital city (Santo Domingo) and a coastal beach, practice speaking Spanish, enjoy local cuisine, and most importantly, work with local stakeholders (households, technicians, government workers, etc.) to find ways to improve the environmental health conditions of households in the El Cercado area of San Juan province, where we will be spending most of our trip.

Service-research activities conducted in-country related to drinking water sources, groundwater, and capacity building are supported by the newly established Cecil Day Family Center for International Groundwater Innovation, whose goal is to help provide access to clean water to the world’s most water-poor communities by working with local stakeholders.

Application website for MOM Dominican Republic Program: Click here

Contact Information


For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.