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IST 285, IST 485, or CSC 485 Special Topics: Innovations in STEAM Education Engaging the World

IST 285 is designed for non-technical majors.  You will be taught, and have time to practice, the STEAM curriculum prior to going to South Africa.

IST 485 and CSC 485 are intended for IST or CSC majors with some programming background.  You will assume more of a leadership role in delivering the STEAM curriculum in South Africa.

INT 301/EDUC 390 Special Topics: Teaching computer programming in South Africa

INT 301/EDUC 390 is a CLAS General Education requirement. For this class, you will research the history and culture of South Africa, and research effective methods of teaching STEAM. You will share your findings with the class before we leave for South Africa, and use what you learn while you are there! This course can be substituted to fulfill communications requirement for Holistic Child majors. Education students can earn field experience credit!


Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

Program Highlights:

Students will be involved in delivering innovative STEAM lessons to South African middle and high schools students.  These lessons include some introductory programming exercises we all will learn and practice before heading to South Africa.   

Our mission is synchronized with the “Winter Break” for all K-12 schools in South Africa.  This enables us to meet in South African classrooms with their students, but without other classes interfering with our lessons. 

Tentative Schedule:

June 12-23, 2023: Classes in Macon.  We will learn the lessons, and practice delivery methods repeatedly.

June 26-July 16, 2023: Deliver the lessons in Cape Town

During our three weeks in Cape Town, we will include many enriching excursions so that we can learn the richness South Africa has to offer.

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For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.