India Nursing

Academic CoursesIndia Nursing

  • NUR 415/626  Global Health Practices
  • NUR 416/627   Health Systems and Policies

FacultyIndia Nursing 2

  • Dr. Stephanie Bennett, Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Sara Mitchell, Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

Program Highlights

Location - Small towns and villages around Darjeeling and Delhi, India

India is a country of 1.3 billion people.  While there have been advancements in education, technology, and healthcare, many do enjoy the rewards of this advancement.  40% of the population live in poverty.  Many children are put to work and unable to obtain an education.  Healthcare accessibility for the poor is limited. Life Centre Academy is a school set in one of the slum areas of Delhi.  The children who attend the school are poor and have little chance of escaping poverty without an education.  Life Centre Academy provides an opportunity for these children to receive high quality education along with love.  In this slum area, there is no healthcare other than government funded birth control. 

Another issue facing India is human trafficking.  20 million people are currently trafficked in India.  The region of Darjeeling is hub for human trafficking due to the close proximity to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.  The organization P.U.S.H.; People Uniting to Stop Human Trafficking in India seeks to provide education and policy change to fight human trafficking.

Student ActivitiesIndia 1

  • Provide well-child checks for all 300 + students in the school
  • Provide health education for the students
  • Provide First aide course instruction for the teachers
  • Provide community clinics with a special focus on women
  • Provide health education for the women of the community
  • Community screening for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases
  • Work side by side with native healthcare workers in community clinics
  • Community Clinics for children and women in the Darjeeling regions
Who can participate?
  • Undergraduate nursing students
  • Masters and doctoral nursing students

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.