Tanzania 2018

Academic Courses

  • IGS 380: Health and Development in Tanzania 

This interdisciplinary course will use a theoretically- based approach to examine and analyze the role of history, culture, politics, economics, and environment in shaping health in Tanzania. This course will include in-depth study of traditional and biomedical healing systems and Tanzania's disease burden (which includes HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrheal disease, high risk of maternal mortality, schistosomiasis, and Burkitt's lymphoma).

  • ANT 390: Post-Trauma Recovery: Selfhood, Bodies and Identities 

This course introduces students to anthropological studies of the self and identity in post-trauma contexts in order to begin thinking about the role of the ‘self’ in terms of international development efforts. Much of the anthropological literature on selfhood and identity in post-trauma contexts has been conducted in post-conflict or post-war states and examines the ways that individuals and communities reconstitute their sense of self or group belonging. In medical and psychological anthropology, researchers have contributed to our understandings of selfhood after traumatic events and histories such as physical or sexual violence. Our course will explore those studies in order to inform our approach in Tanzania with respect to children who have lived on the street. The course will integrate studies on how yoga can be used as a tool of post-trauma recovery, self-building and social integration.


Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

Building on our previous Mercer on Mission in 2016, we will again be working with Upendo Daima, a Tanzanian organization that houses and works toward restoring the lives of children who have lived on the streets. Our team will build culturally appropriate health modules, which the Upendo staff has identified as needed. We design the health modules with the aim of providing the staff with necessary and creative approaches to educating the children at Upendo about health and wellness. Our 2016 program produced modules ranging from alcohol/drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, schistosomiasis, first aid, and yoga. The 2018 program will build on and expand those modules.


Mercer On Mission Tanzania 2016 video


Contact Information

For more information, e-mail MercerOnMission@mercer.edu or call (478) 301-2992.