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Academic Courses

IST 285/IST 485/CSC 485 Special Topics: Innovations in STEAM Education

INT 301 Engaging the World

IST 285 is designed for non-technical majors.  You will be taught, and have time to practice, the STEAM curriculum prior to going to South Africa.

IST 485 and CSC 485 are intended for IST or CSC majors with some programming background.  You will assume more of a leadership role in delivering the STEAM curriculum in South Africa.

INT 301 is a CLA General Education requirement. For this class, you will research the history and culture of South Africa, and research effective methods of teaching STEAM. You will share your findings with the class before we leave for South Africa, and use what you learn while you are there! This course can be substituted to fulfill communications requirement for Holistic Child majors.


Location:  Durban, South Africa for one week; Cape Town, South Africa for two weeks.

Program Highlights:

Students will be involved in learning an innovative STEAM curriculum, and delivering it in three different South African middle schools.  The first school will be a small, rural, impoverished mountain school outside of Durban.  The next two schools will be in impoverished, urban, township schools outside of Cape Town. 

Our mission is synchronized with the “Winter Break” for all K-12 schools in South Africa.  This enables us to meet in South African classrooms with their students, but without other classes interfering with our lessons.  For this reason, our Mercer courses are offered through “Summer Session Three” which overlaps both sessions one and two.

Tentative Schedule:

Our two courses will tentatively meet the following 5 weeks during the summer of 2020. Some adjustments may be made as flights are scheduled. Our time in Macon will prepare us for the STEAM Innovations, and for Engaging the World.

June 1-5:  Classes in Macon.  Both courses will tag-team throughout the entire day. 

June 8-12:  Classes in Macon.  Both courses will tag-team throughout the entire day.

June 12th or 13th: Fly to Durban, South Africa.

June 14-15: Welcome, and introduction to Durban (tours, guidelines, interact with culture).

June 16-19: Deliver Innovative STEAM curriculum in Durban.

June 19-21: Possible African Safari.

June 21: Fly to Cape Town, South Africa.

June 22: Welcome to Cape Town (tours, guidelines, interact with culture).

June 23-26: Deliver Innovative STEAM curriculum in 1st Cape Town school.

June 27-28: Weekend adventures TBD.

June 29 - July 2: Deliver Innovative STEAM curriculum in 2nd Cape Town school.

July 3-5: Weekend adventures TBD.

July 5th or 6th: Fly back to Atlanta.

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