South Africa 2019

Empowering Cape Town Youth through Technology Education

Academic Courses

TBA Special Topics: Innovations in STEAM Education

The students will be involved in learning a curriculum, delivering it multiple times, learning from the experiences, and finding improvements. While in country, the students will be working on the website, and altering the lessons to better fit with the community. The coursework will revolve around research and implementation of best practices in teaching computer science.


TBA Special Topics: Interpersonal Skills for Technical Services

Technical people often lack the interpersonal skills associated with other professionals. This course will focus on effective communications (different audiences, different purposes, different modalities), emotional intelligence, and leadership concepts.  Career preparation will be an underlying theme.


  • Dr. Bob Allen
  • Mr. Bob Easter

Program Highlights

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Students will work in middle and high schools in the townships around Cape Town to deliver our specially designed STEAM curriculum. They will interact directly with South African students, teaching them in an interactive classroom setting. They will also work to continue to develop the curriculum, including making changes to the website and digital resources required for teaching the curriculum. Additionally, students will be responsible for helping to train teachers and other community partners in the curriculum.

Robben Island



Contact Information


For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.