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MKT 477 Special Topics: Marketing in Emerging Countries (Undergraduate students)


BA 625/BAM 625 Special Topics: Marketing in Emerging Countries (Graduate students)


MGT 477 Special Topics: Social Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate students)


BA 625/BAM 625 Special Topics: Social Entrepreneurship (Graduate students)


Faculty:Rwanda 2

Dr. Etienne Musonera, Associate Professor of Marketing, Stetson School of Business and Economics

Dr. Carol Cagle, Assistant Professor of Management, Stetson School of Business and Economics


Program Highlights:

Location of Project: Kigali, Rwanda

In 1995, AVEGA-Agahozo was born in order to restore hope and life to the widows of the genocide and to help them to reintegrate into society. The mission of AVEGA is to work for the progress, empowerment and improving economic conditions of genocide widows. AVEGA undertakes projects in four main areas: Psychological and Medical Care, Justice and Advocacy, Economics, Social Operations and Institutional Capacity Building. Socio-economic empowerment is identified as one of 4 major activities for the organization, and our mission is to provide tools to assist the organization in achieving their goals in this area. Part of our mission is to identify specific areas of need that could be filled by our business students. Marketing and business plans are dynamic concepts which change in response to an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and to opportunities and threats in the external environment. Mercer on Mission will create training programs and will teach these widows entrepreneurship skills (marketing, business, management) which will expand their options and the opportunities for their members.   We will train AVEGA’s leaders and members from all of Rwanda’s provinces on essential marketing, business management and entrepreneurship skills, including project management and leadership, financial and accounting skills. We will also review key strategies for developing successful business and marketing plans, as well as handling Customer Relationship Management (CRM).We have worked with AVEGA for the past two years and it is our intent to continue working with them to keep these plans relevant and timely.

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