Rwanda Debate

Academic CoursesRwanda 10


INT 301 Intercultural Communications

COM 230 Intercultural Communications


Dr. Vasile Stanescu - Assistant Professor of Communications

Cameron Kunzelman - Coordinator of Fellowships and Scholarships

Program Highlights:

Location of Project: Kigali, Rwanda

After genocide, Rwanda started to fund debate as way to train a new generation of leaders and to shift the way in which conflict could be revolved.While Rwandans run and funded the project, their debate campus needs help in teaching new debaters how to debate.


There is also an explicit gender element: After genocide, almost all the leadership positions of the country were filled with women (as most of the men had died). Debate was (and still is) viewed as a way to effectively train women in Rwanda to effectively access these leadership positions. Specifically, many women in Rwanda felt uncomfortably speaking in front of others and, in particular, in leadership positions over men (as this was culturally uncommon before genocide). Debate was envisioned as way to help train Rwandan women for public speaking and competitive leadership. Most (about 90%) of the attendees to the debate camp will be Rwandan women.


At their invitation, Mercer will help to run a summer debate and public speech camp for primarily female high school students in Kigali, Rwanda.


Contact Information

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.