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  • Shehnaz Haqqani, Religion
  • Jacob Kendall, International and Global Studies
Location: Batumi, the Republic of Georgia

Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

Muslims and Orthodox Christians in Georgia historically enjoyed peaceful relations until the formation of the Soviet Union, and the strain the Soviet Union left on Muslim-Christian relations left have remained in post-Soviet Georgia. Our project will combine the religious and generational gaps that exist in Batumi, Georgia, today to raise awareness of the political, religious, social, and other concerns particularly of the older Georgian Muslim population. 

Additionally, older and younger Muslim Georgians have different experiences in the country. We believe that having our students interview older Georgian Muslims with younger Muslims and non-Muslims as translators would enable us to document the stories of the older generation. This will offer us important insights into the experiences and concerns especially of older Georgian Muslims as they continue to make sense of their lives and future, and the future of their children, in post-Soviet Georgia, focusing. 

To better understand the complexity of Georgian Muslim and Christian relations, our project is to address the concerns expressed by older and younger Muslim Georgians. We will partner our students with a Christian and a Muslim Georgian to have conversations with Muslims, an activity that will involve Muslims and Christians listening to each other. We plan to have multiple projects that students will conduct in pairs or groups, such as different groups taking lead on different aspects of the community, such as generation, religion, and other related factors.

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