NepalAcademic Courses

  • EDUC 618: Issues of Diversity: Language, Cognition, and Culture
  • EDUC 625: Culturally and Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
  • EDUC 699: Special Topics: Action Research Project for Content Area Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 
  • EDUC 390: Special Topics: Culturally Repsonsive Pedagogy
  • EDUC 403: Connecting the Home, School, and Community
    Note: Students will need to register for one class from each professor.


  • Dr. Michelle Vaughn, Assistant Professor, Tift College of Education
  • Dr. Martha Lee Child

Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

This project is focused on teaching school aged students in the village of Bungamati, Nepal. Bungamati is about 30 minutes south of Kathmandu, Nepal. Through a partnership with the Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD), a non-governmental, social development organization that aims to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal, Mercer On Mission will work with the PSD staff to assist with their mission of transformation efforts. Tift College of Education students will be assigned to classrooms to plan and teach with Nepalese teachers. All Mercer students will also participate in school facility and community related service projects, depending on the needs at the school in Bungamati as well as the village. All selected service projects will give Mercer participants and Bungamati faculty, staff, and students a chance to work together.

Tentative Dates for Class Sessions: The selected Mercer On Mission 2017 Nepal team will meet for classes on scheduled dates throughout the Spring 2017 semester.

Application Deadline:  November 30, 2016

Tentative Travel Dates:  June 1 – June 25, 2017 (dates subject to change)

Tentative Excursions:  There will be opportunities to explore the region. Multiple community excursions will be taken to understand Nepal and her people. Several field trips in Kathmandu, Nepal will be scheduled where students will have a chance to engage government officials, activists, the community, and religious leaders.

Please note:  The application process for this team involves individual interviews in addition to the requirements listed for all Mercer On Mission applicants.

Contact InformationNepal

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.