Nepal 2020

Academic Courses

EDUC 403  Connecting Home, Social, Community

EDUC 404  The Holistic Fine Arts Approach

EDUC 405  Classroom Management

EDUC 485  Professional Practicum

EDUC 488  Mentored Practicum


  • Sybil Keesbury, Associate Professor, Tift College of Education
  • Michelle Vaughn, Associate Professor, Tift College of Education


This project is focused on teaching school aged students and providing professional leaning to the teachers in the village of Bungamati, Nepal. Bungamati is about 30 minutes south of Kathmandu, Nepal. Through a partnership with the Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD), a non-governmental, social development organization that aims to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal, Mercer On Mission will work with the PSD staff to assist with their mission of transformation efforts.

We will be providing service the month of June, 2019 at Tri-Ratna Cooperative School in Bungamati where Mercer University students and faculty will work closely with the students, teachers, and community members of Bungamati.

Service Project

The programs’ service-learning project will be focused around teaching. The school we will be working offers a six-day school week. The start of the program will consist of observation so that Mercer students and faculty can become familiar with the classroom culture. Mercer students will work with the cooperating teacher each day planning and instructing after the observation perio. During teaching, Mercer students will demonstrate best practices in their classroom that will be observed by the cooperating teacher in hopes that transfer of knowledge will take place. The Mercer students and faculty will also provide professional learning focusing on the topics of planning, student engagement and assessment.

Tentative Travel Dates –

Depart Atlanta June 4, 2019

Return to Atlanta June 28, 2019

Contact Information


For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.