Liberia Prerequisites

Tift College of Education
Course Prerequisites for Candidates for Mercer On Mission

All applicants are required to have successfully completed the following courses by the end of spring semester, 2012.

Fieldwork Prerequisites (for all):  Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II (RACS); Holistic Child fieldwork courses prerequisite to the Practicum (Macon undergraduates), or EMAT 601 (Atlanta)


Math and Literacy Prerequisites

ECE/Special Ed majors: 

RACS: Effective Reading and Writing (EDUC 377); and Building Mathematical Competence (EDUC 454) 

Holistic Child:  Teaching Reading (EDUC 332) Math & Science Methods (EDUC 331);  


MAT:  Literacy 1 & 2 (EMAT 634/635) and Teaching of Mathematics (EMAT 665); 



Teaching of Reading and Content Methods Courses for your selected discipline