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  • IGS 380/ WGS 385: Special Topics: The Girl Effect - This course will examine the impact of social interventions in the lives of adolescent girls as a humanitarian aim and development strategy.  The Girl Effect posits that empowering adolescent girls to pursue an education, delay reproduction, and maintain good health will result in long-term economic and health benefits, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities.  This approach has been growing traction within the global health community, and a course focusing explicitly on the topic will put Mercer students at the forefront of current thought in development agendas.
  • ANT 385: The Anthropology of Development -  The interface between international development agencies/programs and the "recipients" of these efforts provides and excellent domain for the study of culture.  Studying the ways in which international development programs are integrated and/or rejected by different groups reveal cultural assumptions about people's relationships with work, family, and the environment.  In this course, students will engage with literature and examples of the problematic nature of post-earthquake development initiatives in Haiti in order to inform their understanding of and participation in doing development work with our Haitian service partners.


Haiti WGS 2
  • Dr. Bria Dunham, Assistant Professor, International and Global Studies, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Natalie Bourdon, Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

This Mercer On Mission project grapples with the dynamics and challenges of development in Haiti while addressing how adolescent girls are a critical nexus point for social interventions to improve population health and spur the realization of development aims.  In doing so, Mercer On Mission - Haiti will work with locally-based partnering organizations to strengthen resources for making investments in adolescent girls, including working with local peer mentors and engaging in livelihoods training that is compatible with the goal of keeping adolescent girls in schools.  We have identified two different service organizations with a focus on empowering adolescent girls, and are currently in the process of developing our service projects with them to best address local needs.


Tentative Travel Dates: Jacmel, Haiti.  First summer session (May 19th through June 20th, with the trip encompassing a 3 week period within that span).

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail MercerOnMission@mercer.edu or call (478) 301-2992.