Honduras Engineering

Academic Courses

  • CSL 210 International Service Learning: Honduras
  • EGR 291 Special Topics: Raspberry Pi Programming with Scratch
  • EGR 491 Special Topics: Raspberry Pi and Linux Programming
  • TCO 491 Special Topics in international qualitative user research
  • TBA  Medical Spanish Interpretation

Students must take CSL 210 and one of: SPN 385.3, EGR 291, EGR 491, or TCO 491


  • Robert Watson, Ph.D. TCO
  • Donald Ekong, Ph.D. ECE
  • Jose Pino, Ph.D. CLA

LOCATION: Limited resource clinics in and around Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Program Highlights

In collaboration with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, this mission will test and evaluate an experimental, clinical-data system in several limited-resource healthcare clinics in Honduras. Learn more about the project and the system at https://merceru-tco.github.io/CTS/.


  • Global Health Studies, Nursing, and Health Information System students
  • Technical communications students
  • Computer and information-system engineering students
  • Spanish and Medical Spanish students


  • Field tests will be conducted in small clinics around Tegucigalpa, the national capital of Honduras.


  • 1st session of summer semester, 2018 


  • Up to five teams of 3-4 students will each be assigned a clinic to observe its processes, install the systems, train the clinic staff, and conduct observations and interviews about the clinic’s experience. At least one member on each team must be proficient in Spanish.


  • Around the world, healthcare clinics with limited resources, often in remote locations, can have thousands of patients in their care. The economic and geographic limitations under which these clinics operate, however, leave many of them keeping patient records on paper, storing them in folders on shelves, and manually tabulating patient and clinic data.
  • While paper records are functional, they suffer from such problems as duplicate and lost records, difficulty in identifying and reporting larger patterns in healthcare, and other inefficiencies that can reduce the quality of patient care. The system being tested during this mission will help these clinics start automating their records to improve the patient care they can deliver now and prepare them for more advanced systems in the future.

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail MercerOnMission@mercer.edu or call (478) 301-2992.