Haiti - EDU

Academic Courses


  • EDUC 390  Special Topics: Instructional Strategies and Interventions for Preschoolers
  • EDUC 480  "Professional Practicum" for initial certification candidates
  • EDCI 848  "Pedagogical Needs of the Learner"
  • EDCI 867  "Advocacy and Social Justice through Curriculum and Instruction"

Course Prerequisites for Candidates for Mercer On Mission - Haiti (EDU)

All applicants are required to have successfully completed the following courses by the end of spring semester 2014.

Fieldwork Prerequisites: Holistic Child fieldwork courses prerequisite to the Practicum or EMAT 601; Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II (Early Childhood/Special Ed)


Math and Literacy Prerequisites:

Holistic Child: Teaching Reading (EDUC 332) Math & Science Methods (EDUC 331)

Early Childhood/Special Ed: Effective Reading and Writing (EDUC 377); and Building Mathematical Competence (EDUC 454)

MAT: Literacy 1 & 2 (EMAT 634/635) and Teaching of Mathematics (EMAT 665)


Dr. Kelly Reffitt, Asistant Professor of Education (reffitt_ke@mercer.edu)

Dr. Sybil Keesbury, Assistant Professor of Education (keesbury_sa@mercer.edu)


Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

Students and faculty will participate at the new preschool for approximately 40-60 children ages three to five years.  Opportunities include co-teaching with Haitian teachers, teaching children foundational literacy and numeracy skills, and supporting Haitian students and faculty in their English language learning.

Particular opportunities for doctoral students include designing and/or providing professional development to Haitian teachers on research-based pedagogy and advising on curricular and instructional planning.

The preschool is located in rural Montrouis, a coastal town in western Haiti.  The country is the poorest one in the Western Hemisphere where food insecurity, hunger, and poor health care are chronic issues.  Inequality to access, including access to education, is one contributing factor to their poverty, especially in the rural area of Montrouis.  Therefore, we see education as a way to empower this community, beginning with the youngest children and their teachers.

Tentative Travel Dates:   The selected Mercer On Mission 2014: Tift's Haiti Team will meet for classes on scheduled dates throughout spring semester.  Please see above for prerequisite courses.

December 1 - Application deadline

Tentative Travel Dates:   May 26 - June 24

Please note: The application process for this team involves a pre-interview large group session and individual interviews, in addition to the requirements listed for all Mercer on Mission applicants.

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail MercerOnMission@mercer.edu or call (478) 301-2992.