Academic Courses

  • INT 301/AFR 300  Africana Studies 300 (cross-listed with INT 301: Engaging the World): Challenges of Relief and Development in West Africa (3 hours) in English 

  • FRE 385  Francophone West African Literature (3 hours) in French


  • Dr. Randy Harshbarger
  • Dr. John Dunaway

Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

Mercer On Mission 2018 in Guinée, West Africa promises to be an exciting adventure and one wherein the skills of Mercer students can contribute to the reconciliation and development of the Guinean and Liberian peoples. Years of civil war in Liberia have led to mistrust between the two nationalities, especially in the area of Guinée which borders Liberia, where Liberians fled their country’s civil war and settled in refugee camps.

Mr. Sam Johnson, a 2013 graduate of Mercer and himself a former Liberian refugee, has dedicated himself to fostering amicable relations between Guineans and Liberians. (Liberians are primarily English speaking and Christian while Guineans are French speaking and mainly Muslim.) In so doing Sam and his team aim to improve the living conditions of both peoples. He has created a non-profit organization to this end: My Vision for Refugees which has established an orphanage called Home of Hope.

Mercer On Mission will support Sam’s efforts in reconciliation by sending a team of French-speaking students to Guinée to teach French to Liberians, to teach English to Guineans, to help train Guinean teachers, to conduct a public health survey in both communities, to help with well digging and preparing a community garden. This will be the first Mercer On Mission group composed exclusively of French speakers.

The program will take place in Mercer’s Summer I session, a total of five weeks (latter part of May, first three weeks of June). Two weeks of intensive preparation will take place on the Mercer campus before departure. After that, the MOM team will travel by air to Conakry, capital of the Republic of Guinée, and from there by road to N’Zerekore in the far southeast of the country where we will spend the duration of the experience.

All direct costs (airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, meals) will be covered by the University. Each student must enroll in 6 hours of courses (approximately $3,000) and cover costs of passports, visas, medicine including vaccinations, and money for gifts and incidentals.

We will constantly monitor the security and health situation in Guinée to ensure that our travel and sojourn take place in safe, healthy conditions. We will provide updates on the situation. Our living conditions will be somewhat austere, and we will need to get used to different kinds of food. We will ensure a sufficient quantity of clean drinking water throughout our time in Guinée.

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.