Academic Courses

  • LBST 390: Special Topics in Liberal Studies: Globalization, Spanish, and the Americas - This course will examine the effect of globalization on language and culture in general, and on Spanish and the cultures of the Americas in particular.
  • LBST 390: Special Topics in Liberal Studies: Writing in the Contact Zone - This course will examine ethnographic writing, testimonios (or autoethnographic writing), and travel writing as forms of writing that take place in the space between cultures.  In addition to engaging in an examination of the practical and ethical issues that shape these forms of writing, students will produce their own writing (ethnographic field writing, travel writing) from within the contact zone of different cultures.


Tim Craker, associate professor, College of Continuing and Professional Studies

Jose Pino, assistant professor, College of Liberal Arts

Program Highlights

  • One-on-one conversational Spanish language instruction, a homestay with a local family for room and board, and the projects we engage in will provide plenty of opportunity either to begin or to practice speaking Spanish.
  • Explore the picturesque villages around Lake Atitlan while staying in Panajachel; climb a volcano; visit a sacred cave; find your way about the city of Iximche, where Alvarado allied himself with the K'achiquel to defeat other peoples (who then helped Alvarado defeat the K'achiquel); visit Chichicastenango on market day; explore Antigua - a UN World Heritage site- preserved in its colonial style.
  • Build on the efforts of the last Mercer On Mission in Guatemala by working with the community of Buena Vista, in the mountains above Lake Atitlan, in at least two ways: 1) enhancing nutrition and nutritional education in Buena Vista; 2) working with the local community to fix the problem of a lack of running water in the bathroom of the local grade school.

Contact Information 

For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.