Academic CoursesGeorgia 2

  • INT 301 Engaging the World: Post Communist Politics in Eastern Europe
  • POL 392  Engaging the World: Life in the Post Communist World


  • Judge Lauren L. Benedict, Adjunct Instructor of Intergrative Studies
  • Chris Grant, professor, Political Science Department -
Host:  Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia and the World Association of Georgian Muslims
Site: Khulo in the Batumi region and Tbilisi

Program Highlights

Service Project Description:

This MOM partners with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia and Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili in their efforts to create communities of refuge and reconciliation.  The first half of the experience will be spent in Western Georgia working and living with a Muslim community in educational efforts and simple service endeavors.

In the second half of our time in Georgia, we will relocate to the capitol, Tbilisi where we will share housing with elderly Abkhazian refugees.  We will take time to learn their stories while we are also spending time assessing the needs of NGOs that work in civic society sector.  The needs assessment process will be used to determine opportunities for future Mercer students to complete internships in Tbilisi.

We will also retreat with Georgian university students for a weekend of shared experiences and learning.  Additional we will offer our labor to an interfaith project, go on a hike in the Caucuses mountains, and explore the modern and ancient corners of Tbilisi.

Dates: May 15 to June 6 - We will have pre-departure classes in March and April and final assignments due after we return.
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For more information, e-mail or call (478) 301-2992.