Student Statement of Understanding



As a participant in Mercer On Mission, I understand and acknowledge that I must…

  • Pay for all expenses incurred on my behalf if I, for any reason, do not participate in the program after I pay my deposit.(For example, if you withdraw or are exited from the MOM program after your airline ticket has been purchased, you will be charged for the full amount of that ticket.)
  • If I have completed all my degree requirements before the beginning of my Mercer On Mission program, I must appeal to the Registrar for permission to register for the Mercer On Mission courses. 
  • Furthermore, I understand that If I have completed all my degree requirements before the beginning of my Mercer On Mission program, I understand that I am not eligible to receive Title IV federal funds, such as federal Pell Grants or Direct Loans.
  • I must complete the Accepted Student Forms found on the MOM website (
  • Use my name exactly as it appears on my passport throughout the application process.
  • Pay my $500 non-refundable deposit to the Bursar by the stated deadline to participate in MOM.
  • Research visa requirements for my destination and purchase my visa if it is required for me.
  • Consult with a medical professional (family doctor or county health department’s Travel Nurse) to receive relevant medical advice and appropriate vaccinations for my travel.


I understand and acknowledge that…

  • I have consulted with my academic advisor about the Mercer On Mission courses I will take
  • I am enrolling in two three-hour courses associated with my program for which I will receive full academic credit.The grades that I earn will be entered on my permanent record.
  • I will be charged for six hours of tuition at the standard summer school rate for CLA.
  • I may not enroll in a Mercer On Mission course as S/U.
  • I may not withdraw from the program once the travel component has begun.


I understand and acknowledge that…

  • I must travel with my cohort and am not permitted to deviate from the group travel itinerary, except for academic reasons approved by the director of Mercer On Mission.
  • I must be prepared to address any distinct nutritional needs that I have.(For example, we may not be able to guarantee a complete vegan or nut-free diet.)We are not able to ensure that specific dietary choices can be met.
  • I will follow the code of conduct established by the professors leading my program.
  • I am not permitted to participate in behavior that impairs my ability to participate to the fullest of my capacity or that inhibits others from doing so.
  • I will diligently follow all safety instructions presented to me by my Mercer On Mission professors.
  • Failure to do so could result in my being removed from the program and sent home at my own expense.


Signed  ________________________________________       Date ___________________________